Thursday, November 10, 2016

We have a walker!!

Yay! Not that I ever want to rush baby milestones (because they come and go so quickly!!) but this was a good one! Shortly after his first birthday our little B went from waddling and falling to walking! This is a game changer in so many ways but mostly because now he can be a more active playmate for Austin, trips to the park are more engaging, and his poor little knees will take less of a beating on the hardwood floors.

Still adjusting to shoes, he is a master when barefoot on the carpet. You can see his little toes tightening and curling to grip and balance. In his shoes, he walks like a cat with socks on but I look forward to winter when we can put on his boots and explore the snow.

Since walking encourages a new level of baby proofing, Austin - my champion big-brother - has been on patrol and ensuring "tiny toys" are out of reach. This morning I heard him take a toy away, explaining "too small for you Brendan" and my heart filled.

These little moments of family and brotherly love and respect and encouragement seem extra important now in our divided nation. Donald Trump is our current President Elect and whether or not he was your vote, he is our president. There is panic and worry and anxiety  but I am confident we will pull through as a nation. I admit I am not political at all but I do have children and responsibilities. I have friends in the LGBT community and want to protect and preserve our planet. I want the economy to thrive, the hungry to be fed, education to flourish, and our country to be safe. Of course there is room for worry but we also have to trust that our government - not only Trump but the hundreds of people that work with him, support him, persuade him - will do their part and the rest of the country will do ours.

That is about as political as I can get and will probably ever be in this blog but I would be remiss if I did not mention the outcome of the 2016 election. I choose to put my energy into my community and my family. Our health, our goals, and our milestones. And today i focus on milestones and our little walker! 

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