Friday, September 23, 2016

30 Things I Think About Running with a Jogging Stroller!

I see a lot of posts out there about what runners think about while they are running and I love all of them because they are true. For that reason, on my most reason run with my son, I wanted to create my own list - 30 Things I Think About Running with a Jogging Stroller!

Before run
1. Awesome! B is rubbing his eyes so if I can get him in the stroller now, we can go for a run!

2. (picking baby up) Why are you suddenly awake and smiling? Be tired again!

3. (putting baby in stroller) Don't fight me, B! Just tuck your arm in. Ok good Let's go!

During Run
4. Yea! Look at me! Running with my kid!

5. This is basically the best idea ever!

6. Should I have changed B's diaper before? Eh - he is sitting. It should be ok!

7. I hope I see someone I know so they can see how I am killin' it as a mom right now!

8. I should have peed before I left..

9. Jogging stroller = best purchase ever!

10. C'mon! Move over! Who walks 7 across?

11. B? Are you sleeping? Go to sleep.

12. Ok so after this - I will throw in laundry, start dinner, shower, and then sit for a minute.

13. Only one mile?? Ugh!

14. (peeking around stroller) Sweet! He sleeps!

15. Crap! Where did that giant bump come from?!?!?

16. Keep sleeping B!

17. Ugh! You're up!

18. "The ants go marching..." *gasping for air*

19. "Mommy is just going to hum to you"

20. HmmmmMMmmm...

21. Ok - 2 miles - let's head back.


23. Every.Step.Forward.Is,One. Step. Closer.To.Home.

24. Aww B! Isn't this great! The breeze going downhill

25. Whoa whoa...almost lost you there on the decline.

26. Almost home - stay sleeping...stay sleeping.....

Post Run!
27. Yes! Made it! Now if I can get you from here into your crib.....

28. Gentil. Easy.Almost...

29. "whaaaaaaahhhh"

30. Damn it!