Thursday, November 10, 2016

We have a walker!!

Yay! Not that I ever want to rush baby milestones (because they come and go so quickly!!) but this was a good one! Shortly after his first birthday our little B went from waddling and falling to walking! This is a game changer in so many ways but mostly because now he can be a more active playmate for Austin, trips to the park are more engaging, and his poor little knees will take less of a beating on the hardwood floors.

Still adjusting to shoes, he is a master when barefoot on the carpet. You can see his little toes tightening and curling to grip and balance. In his shoes, he walks like a cat with socks on but I look forward to winter when we can put on his boots and explore the snow.

Since walking encourages a new level of baby proofing, Austin - my champion big-brother - has been on patrol and ensuring "tiny toys" are out of reach. This morning I heard him take a toy away, explaining "too small for you Brendan" and my heart filled.

These little moments of family and brotherly love and respect and encouragement seem extra important now in our divided nation. Donald Trump is our current President Elect and whether or not he was your vote, he is our president. There is panic and worry and anxiety  but I am confident we will pull through as a nation. I admit I am not political at all but I do have children and responsibilities. I have friends in the LGBT community and want to protect and preserve our planet. I want the economy to thrive, the hungry to be fed, education to flourish, and our country to be safe. Of course there is room for worry but we also have to trust that our government - not only Trump but the hundreds of people that work with him, support him, persuade him - will do their part and the rest of the country will do ours.

That is about as political as I can get and will probably ever be in this blog but I would be remiss if I did not mention the outcome of the 2016 election. I choose to put my energy into my community and my family. Our health, our goals, and our milestones. And today i focus on milestones and our little walker! 

Monday, October 31, 2016


Today I am 33 years old! And I think that is totally and completely crazy. Crazier still is that I have been married for 5 1/2 years and have two children! WHHAAAATTT!

When I type out sentences like that I feel old, but when I look in the mirror I don't see a 33 year old person - or what I once thought a 33 year old person looked like. For example, when I was 18 or even 22, I thought 33 was old. That I couldn't wear sweat pants anymore, that I would have to cut my hair into a short bob haircut, and start shopping at Lord & Taylor. I don't know where these stereotypes or images came from but that was my vision of 33 year old moms.

I also thought these women had it all together. Not in the "have it all" sense of the word, but at 33 women had plans, they were organized, and their days ran like well oiled machines. I imagined a 33 year old woman's closet was filled with suits and matching shoes, everything ironed, and a fridge filled with well balanced snacks. If that is what 33 is - then I missed the boat!

My boys and I are all born in the same week. I am the final birthday of the palooza so some of the pomp and circumstance has worn off and everyone is tired of cake; however this morning a took a moment and saw how wonderful things were around me.

I admittedly have a "keeping up with the Jones' problem".
If "they" (whoever they are) are moving, maybe we should too.
Oh, they are making this much money - should I get a new job??
Ah! They are switching day cares - what if we don't? Will our kids be behind?

Fortunately I have a sane husband to talk me off the ledge.

SO instead of keeping up, today I am thankful! Thankful I went to that house party in 2005 and met my future husband. Thankful for my 2 million dollar babies that challenge and amaze me every day! Thankful for my fabulous parents to help and love in every single capacity of the word. Thankful for my extended family - in laws, cousins, etc. - for all that they do and that they are (even if it comes with a little drama) and thankful we all have our health, a roof over our heads, and food on the table. I am also thankful I didn't have to cut my hair in a bob ;)

I am thankful that I don't have it all together because how boring would that be!

Friday, September 23, 2016

30 Things I Think About Running with a Jogging Stroller!

I see a lot of posts out there about what runners think about while they are running and I love all of them because they are true. For that reason, on my most reason run with my son, I wanted to create my own list - 30 Things I Think About Running with a Jogging Stroller!

Before run
1. Awesome! B is rubbing his eyes so if I can get him in the stroller now, we can go for a run!

2. (picking baby up) Why are you suddenly awake and smiling? Be tired again!

3. (putting baby in stroller) Don't fight me, B! Just tuck your arm in. Ok good Let's go!

During Run
4. Yea! Look at me! Running with my kid!

5. This is basically the best idea ever!

6. Should I have changed B's diaper before? Eh - he is sitting. It should be ok!

7. I hope I see someone I know so they can see how I am killin' it as a mom right now!

8. I should have peed before I left..

9. Jogging stroller = best purchase ever!

10. C'mon! Move over! Who walks 7 across?

11. B? Are you sleeping? Go to sleep.

12. Ok so after this - I will throw in laundry, start dinner, shower, and then sit for a minute.

13. Only one mile?? Ugh!

14. (peeking around stroller) Sweet! He sleeps!

15. Crap! Where did that giant bump come from?!?!?

16. Keep sleeping B!

17. Ugh! You're up!

18. "The ants go marching..." *gasping for air*

19. "Mommy is just going to hum to you"

20. HmmmmMMmmm...

21. Ok - 2 miles - let's head back.


23. Every.Step.Forward.Is,One. Step. Closer.To.Home.

24. Aww B! Isn't this great! The breeze going downhill

25. Whoa whoa...almost lost you there on the decline.

26. Almost home - stay sleeping...stay sleeping.....

Post Run!
27. Yes! Made it! Now if I can get you from here into your crib.....

28. Gentil. Easy.Almost...

29. "whaaaaaaahhhh"

30. Damn it!

Friday, August 19, 2016

B! Why are you 10 months already!


You are going to be 10 months in 8 days and I have been the worst at documenting your milestones. I would like to say it is due to the fact that I have been busy absorbing your every move, touch, tear, and tirade and although part of that is true - it is not an excuse.

You started clapping this week and it is amazing! At first you were a little hesitant but now when Daddy, Austin, or I clap you enthusiastically follow along and it is amazing.

You have been crawling for about two months now and your first words were Da-da and ba-ba. Occasionally we get a Ma-ma but I am not sure if you know it is me you are referring too.

Unfortunately you are still not sleeping through the night but we have worked our way down to only one or two "wake ups" which helps Dad and me get through our work day with a little less coffee. Despite this, you wake up smiling every morning with your bangs in your face. We keep talking about getting you a haircut but you are a little squirmy and I don't want you to get poked in the eye.

Austin adores you. Sometimes I think it is a little too much. Lately he has taken to poking you in the cheeks and forehead. He tries to go for your eyes too but he hasn't made contact yet. Phew. For the most part you play well together but I  notice that when he is asleep or away, you play a little more freely in the house and have a certain independence. I think you like your space but also appreciate your alone time. I get that. I am like that too.

You are willing to try new foods which is GREAT since your brother is a picky eater. This morning you had avocados with me for breakfast but you have also tried tons of fruits, vegetables, and treats. You even tried a little ham in Avalon this weekend and ate it so I consider that a win. Where your brother's strength is/was sleeping, you might be our little eater.

You have been to the beach, fossil hunting, hiking, and to the pool. You love water play at school but hate getting dressed. You hate clothes in general but your brother did too. You take in the world and you are kind. You like watching Austin do things - as if you are learning along with him and seeing yourself in his shoes. You don't take a binky which is a bit of a relief, but sometimes I wonder if that is why you have trouble sleeping. Who knows. I sure don't!

There is so much more to say about you. Oh! You have had these two adorable bottom teeth forever but that is all we have so far. Some other teeth have been working their way in and down for weeks and week but they are taking their time - either way, you snack like a champ on puffs and crunchies and now cereal and bread. You go!

Even though my documenting has been weak, I love you tons and I am so glad you are here. I can't wait to recap more of your moves and share this with you when you are older. XOXO