Friday, October 30, 2015

And Baby Makes 4!

If you have a flair for the dramatic, I was in labor for 14 hours.

"Pain", "a funny feeling", "something" started happening about 4:30am on Tuesday, October 27th but I'm not sure if it qualifies as labor. I had gotten my membrane swiped the day before so my doctor suggested "something" might happen in the next 48 hours but then again in might not. Such is the way of labor and delivery.

Needless to say, Tuesday we waited.
We played Lego Batman and waited.
We went for a walk around the block and waited.
We ate Tostitos and triple checked our suitcase and waited.
We bought Austin a new Halloween costume since he decided he wanted to be a dinosaur and not a fireman - and then we waited.
We waited and then waited some more.

Austin was at my parents most of the day and around 2:00 I had enough of my mom guilt and told them to bring him home. Wednesday the 28th was his birthday and I didn't want him to feel ditched. He arrived around 4:00, we ate dinner around 6:00, and then by 7:00 I was calling my parents to come back since "real things were happening".

The funny thing about contractions, I think, is they are inconsistent until they are consistent. I swiftly went from 20-30 minute intervals of "I think this is one" to 4-8 minute intervals of "here we go!".

The drive to St.Peter's this time around was slightly less intense than three years ago. Of course our GPS decided to take us a wonky way into New Brunswick where we hit some Rutgers student/evening commuter traffic but I did not have the same "I am going to give birth in a truck" feeling.

Because it was a full moon, Labor and Delivery was packed by time we arrived but because the situation was less dire than with Austin, we were able to calmly park the car as a couple, go through Admissions together, and have the luxury of waiting in the "waiting area" (aka hallway) until a room was available.  We also had the (mis)fortune of catching the latest episode of Celebrity Wife Swap. I have never been more embarrassed to have been born in Staten Island, thank you Big Ang.

Dr. B showed up around 8:30 and waited with us. It was during this time I realized that contractions in public are awkward. I don't know it imtimate is the right word but I found that every time one came, which was at an even 4 minutes by now, I tried to hold it in. Like a fart or something? I didn't want to be that loud laboring woman in the hall way. Is that weird? Maybe it is but that is how I felt. Dr. B must have noticed because he said "Maybe if you look a little more pained, they will get you a room faster" and that made sense, so after awhile I just went with it.

By 9:30ish we were given a room and I was 6cm.
Do you want an epidural?

Ummm. No? What do you think?.... I think I can do it without one... (said quasi-assertively but not really)

So we broke my water, I shot up to 8cm, things got REALLY real, and I immediately regretted my no epidural decision.

And then I pushed. Hard.
I said a bad word and then apologized for it. I tried taking 4 second rests and pushing on 5. I did a very sexy behind-the-thigh-heavy-ho kind of push and eventually.....

We welcomed Brendan Richard Lathroum into the world at 10:10pm on October 27, 2015 and the Mets lost to the Royals in 14 innings - the longest game in World Series history tied with 2005's  Game 3 Chicago White Sox 7 - Houston Astros 5.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Home Stretch - Literally

I have no foundation for this reasoning but I believe the Higher Powers of Baby Making allow for a nice first pregnancy in order to convince mothers that having a second baby isn't too bad of an idea.

Not that I had an awful pregnancy this time around. Google "pregnancy nightmares" and I am sure you will find women in much more precarious positions than me, but since Austin was SUCH smooth sailing and I was making it to the gym until the day before delivery, I admit I am/was a little surprised with Baby 2.

The first trimester was rough with nausea and exhaustion daily - in addition to the added responsibility of parenting Child #1 - which was obviously not in the picture back in 2011. I think the worst part of my nausea was it never resulted in vomiting. It was just living with "hang over stomach" throughout the day - which gets old after about 2 minutes.

Second semester - as for most women was bliss as was much of the third semester until Week 34 or so.

As of today, Week 38 and change, Baby 2's head is "very low" in my cervix and 3 cm dilated. Now until about 12 hours ago, 3 cms didn't mean anything to me but THEN I found this very helpful image.

As you can see, this measurement translates to a banana slice and "very low" means head is in such a position that nerve pain consistently shoots down my legs from my groin area resulting in 1) a gangster limp, 2) a squat walk, or 3) the walk two steps-then squat/stretch move. All of which are awesome if you are in public. I am also fortunate enough to pee every 2 hours.

What I find least comforting about this image is the bagel. That is as big as we are getting so if we are LUCKY a baby is coming out of a bagel. Awesome. Let's do this 10 more times!

I also would like to use this time to apologize to Baby 2 for poorly documenting his incubation period. With Austin, I was much more in tune with his sizes, what parts were developing when, and what fruit he was comparable to in size. Baby 2 - I am sorry but I promise to record your actually Delivery Day with the same detail and dedication as I did for your big brother.