Friday, May 22, 2015

Code Blue

Three years, minus 1 day to the date I received the call from IRMS telling me that I was pregnant with Austin (then known as Petry), I received the same call telling me I was pregnant again! Yay!

Although we have the same cautious optimism as we had the first time, it was a relief to hear the IUI process was a success and we overcame Hurdle One. As we enter phase 2, keeping baby, I have to say – I feel really good about things! Similar to my earliest weeks with Austin, I am still bloated from the fertility medication and, in my opinion, feel like I am showing already but that is mostly in my head.

A little history of how this came to be –
January 5th – Went in for my initial check up and turned out my uterus was ready to make moves.

January – February 6th – Varying doses of Menopur to ripen my follicles for pregnancy. This was SUCH a slow going process. Dr. K was concerned all my little ladies would jump on the ripening train quickly and I would overstimulate. This would mean everyone would be ready for insemination at once and I could be an Octo-mom. That would be bad for business. Airing on the side of caution, we moved slowly (maybe a little too slowly but that is just the opinion of the one receiving the injections)

February 7th– Final checks and measurements of my little ladies. Finally (!) three got the memo to grow and Dr. K had enough confidence to move forward with the trigger shot that had anxiously been waiting in my fridge for about a month now.

February 7th, 9:00pm – Take trigger shot

February 8th – Between 9pm the previous night and the end of the day, I should have ovulated. I woke up a little crampy so thought that may have been a sign things were moving in there.  We were instructed to “try” that night. (cue the candles!)

If this doesn't scream romance, I don't know what does! 
February 9th – The Lathroum clan rises early and heads to IRMS. This, again, broke my rule of bringing babies to fertility offices but I was hard pressed to find coverage at 5:30am and I was slightly comforted to see we weren't the only rule breakers.

DJ was called first to make his donation (~29 million) and then I followed soon after. I had to sign off that we were a match, ensuring I wouldn’t end up having the wrong baby daddy. 

February 9th to present: Wait. First there is the two week wait where one has to lay low and that is followed by the first trimester wait to ensure everything is growing happily and healthily. 

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