Monday, May 13, 2013

First Mother's Day

My husband told me Austin was SO excited for his first Mother's Day that he got up at 5:00 Sunday morning just so the day could get started.

With the exception of one Mother's Day back when I was an idiot teenager and forgot to get my mom a card and then was a mix of ignorant and ungrateful when she took it personally, I have always relished in the two holidays dedicated to my parents. When I was very young, I obviously had the help of my dad - signing my name on cards or diligently gluing sequins and glitter on whatever bedazzled gift I was making - and we always hit a home run. Mom would plant her begonias, accept her flowers and construction paper cut-outs with awe, and we would all spend the late afternoon barbecuing and eating one chocolate covered fruit or another. We may have done the whole brunch thing once or twice but when literally everyone and their mother is trying to make their 11:00 reservation, it got a little taxing and silly. My family, the three of us, made Mother's Day our own. We had our own traditions, our own quirks, and our own crafts - and it was glorious.

 As with everything else, holidays take on a new meaning once you have a kid so like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Mother's Day was reinvented this year. It was my first! And I was very excited for it. Austin and his dad did their due diligence and sent flowers the Friday before (shipping and handling spikes tremendously over the weekend and I appreciate their thoughtfulness as well as their economy) and planned a lovely dinner with the help of Grandpa. BUT more than the flowers, Austin gave Mommy the best gift ever later than morning - a two hour nap! More than the nap itself  it was the timing of the nap. Mommy wanted a nap too. I napped the hell out of those two hours and it was great!

At my parents I asked my mom how her first "Grandmother's Day" felt and she described herself as feeling blessed and grateful. As one who is not very religious, those are not words I typically use but considering how far we have come since the start of this post, I think they were two excellent choices.

More than having a first Mother's Day was the epiphany of why there is a Mother's Day. In Austin's 6 months of life, I have learned why my mom was frustrated when I left toys all over the place, why she was forever doing laundry and my dad was forever folding it, why she read newspapers and newsletters filled with area activities, cut coupons, encouraged vegetables, scheduled play dates, gave me constant hugs and kisses (whether I wanted them or not), or sometimes just watched me do whatever I was doing - as if breathing in that moment, chronicling it in her mental filing cabinet, and chanting to herself, "remember this moment. remember this day".

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