Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Son: The Nudest

Snug tight, nine months in his Mommy's womb.
Patient - a flower waiting to bloom,
Our Austin took his first sip of air
at St. Peters Hospital, unclothed and bare.

Swaddled in the hospital grade wrap
and donned in his matching standard cap,
he took things in, thought "what is all this stuff?
I prefer to live life in the buff!"

Although he could not share those words
His cries and wimpers Daddy heard.
He'd flail his little arms, legs would twitch,
since he wanted to be without a stitch

of clothing on his skin.
To Adam and Eve he'd be akin
then he'd smile as happy as could be
with his stuff all out for all to see.

As parents, we picked up on this trend
and when cries needed to be on the mend,
we provide a little interlude
and let our son play in the nude.

Of course the diaper stays in place
to avoid an excremental disgrace,
but still there's clearly no mistake
my son is happier when he is nake.

For now we will support this game
since at two months, its innocent and tame
but punishments we'll have to seek
if our Austin starts to streak.
January 2013

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