Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Recumbent Bike

Dear Recumbent Bike,

I owe you an apology.

In college, I referred to you as the "hang over bike". The piece of cardio equipment used by my peers and I when we were walking zombies but felt a trip to the gym was necessary to discount our mid-night meatball sub beer munchies or to sweat out one vodka cranberry too many.

I saw people study their biology notes on you in preparation for their final exams or read Grapes of Wrath for the umpteenth time for their English class. Those people weren't really working out. They were doing homework and moving their legs in a circular motion. That doesn't count.

I teased your existence. I considered you fake.

Now, however, I respect you entirely. You aren't just for geriatrics, hung over college students, or physical therapy patients - you are also for pregnant people who are just too damn stubborn to give up a day at the gym. You are challenging as your seat reclines at an awkward angle and, at 5'3", I seem to fall right in between two adjustment slots at your base.

Unlike the other stationary and speed bikes, your seat is comfortable and you offer two options as handle bars which comes in handy as one adjusts speed and resistances. You do not cause cramping, pinched nerves, bizarre fetal movement, or lower back pain as do the other cardio machines. You are pregnancy friendly. You are glorious!

37 weeks
So yes - it is true that once my baby arrives, I will visit you less. I will not watch Rachel Ray and learn to make pesto sauce or The Doctors and learn the warning signs of meningitis, but I will respect you and your purpose. I will honor your unbiased approach to fitness and your understanding of people regardless of age, fitness level, trimester, or ability. And I will most certainly thank you for making physical fitness possible, albeit minimal and light, during the last weeks of my pregnancy.



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