Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank your body, Thank your baby

28 1/2 weeks!*

Since May I have been aiming to make it to the gym at least 5 days a week and during those trips run at least 8 miles a week. As mentioned in an earlier post, I have a stellar new route that allows me to pass two bathrooms (one being my own) and a water fountain. This has proved incredibly wonderful as my belly gets bigger and there is more pressure on my bladder. My mile pace ranges between 10 and 10 1/2 minute miles, which isn’t too shabby, especially because my loop is a little hilly. Hills that feel like mountains on some days.

On other days, Petry is clearly not up for a workout and would prefer that I sit on my but and veg. Fortunately the Olympics have been on the past two weeks and watching women run 26.2 miles in 2:22 has been particularly inspirational. Nur Suryani Mohamed of Malaysia was 8 months pregnant at the games. Granted she was an air rifle-ist, which I am not certain is even a sport per se, but she is still an Olympian. More on her here:Pregnant-Olympian-Malaysian-shooter-shrugs-off-criticism

No matter the day or the mood Petry is in, I have to say despite the struggles of actually getting pregnant, the pregnancy part has been relatively easy and for that reason, I daily thank my body and my baby. Of course I could do without the indigestion and the trouble sleeping, but unlike many, many, many women pregnancy has actually been a blessing to my digestive system. It is glorious. Each day is a new surprise whether it be hot flashes, excessive kicking (which is actually a good thing) or heart burn but I could have swollen ankles, veins, back pain, or - worst of all - bed rest.

The other day was my glucose tolerance test and the results came back "excellent" according to Dr. B. For those in the know, you have to fast before the blood work and its a two hour commitment so make appointments early in the AM. Where I go, LabCorp, they also take walk-ins so I was worried I would get screwed as the day wore on and the waiting room filled; however I guess the test is time sensitive enough that we, pregnant ladies, can just walk to the back every hour, grab a phlebotomist, and get our blood drawn without a hassle. This is HUGE since by 10:30, you are ready to gnaw someone's arm off. It's too a point the juice they gave me after my first blood draw seemed delicious since I was so hungry. It hindsight, it wasn't too bad - just super, sugary Hawaiin Punch.

*Disclaimer: I know I said there would be no sideways pictures in my life and, alas, you see one on this post. I have since decided to print out all of my pages and put them into a little binder for Petry once he/she exists and thought they should have a slight frame of reference regarding their mother's growth. I am still Facebook free and there are no "look at me, I'm pregnant" pictures on other social media sites as I still hold true to the belief that if you want to see me, you can ask. Don't hate.

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