Friday, August 24, 2012

Pregnancy Won The Day

After moving from the first trimester to the second, I have been more or less able to maintain the daily life and functions of a non-pregnant person but it seems like overnight the third trimester kicked in and yesterday - it kicked my butt.

For no scientific reason whatsoever, I blame the pertussis and flu shots I got on Monday. Between lethargy, pregnancy brain (I lost my keys and then found them in a bush), lack of sleep, and general aches, I just couldn't get it together yesterday. I was up at 4:00am and found myself watching Looney Toons and the Batman animated series until the Today Show at 7. An afternoon nap was kind of a bust and I spent most of the day laying around in a pathetic, groggy state. Petry won the day.

I find that if I get up, start my day, and have purpose I am far better equipped to bet the 3rd Trimester Sleepies. As paradoxical as it is, exercise helps a lot - even though actually getting to the gym can be a challenge. Until recently, I was able to run between 8 and 12 miles per week, but now with the constant need to pee its a little bit more of a challenge. Either way I still try until I am defeated and resign myself to a walk, the elliptical, or stationary bike. Exercise is also a comforting way to rationalize my insatiable hunger. Despite my unorthodox wake up time yesterday, I already downed 3 mini-meals before lunch and then 3 1/2 more by bedtime. This is also new since I hadn't been extra hungry at all during my 2nd trimester. (I may have been during my first or I was just using pregnancy as an excuse to eat more).

Lori's Birthday - DJ, Me, Lori - 30 wks.
Petry is also a very active baby which is fantastic and she/he always surpasses the goals of a morning and evening kick count. I have high hopes for a sports scholarship as, according to, we will need to have $215,000 saved by 2030 for her/him to attend an out-of-state, public college or university. This incredibly intimidating number already has us discussing a savings plans, opening a 529, and working with a financial advisor. Babies are expensive. Of course this conversation took place AFTER I spent a chunk of change of Giants v. Cowboys tickets for DJ's 30th birthday. This said, Operation Saving for Petry starts today!

Friends and family have also been super fabulous during these last few weeks. Amy not only gave me an entire wardrobe, but hooked us up with a car seat, baby swing, toys, and other misc. baby stuff. Jen and Jamie are helping me out with baby walkers and exersaucers (which I thought were the same thing), and The Stanley's and Brad got us the City Mini Stroller. Lori got us a diaper tower with 90 diapers and her sister made us the cute little dessert below! We were able to save the little babies. Who the heck needs a shower! Not this girl! And friends - you can thank me since you now have one Sunday back in your life where you don't have to play baby word searches, match games, or fetus trivia.
This list has yet to include grandparents - of which, Petry won the lottery. Not only having the four best, but being the first grandchild of two only children. Set. For. Life. :)


PS. I am still Facebook free but today I heard/read two interesting things about social media. 1) According to a study shared on Q104.3, people hate when other people post too many pictures of their food, their kids, and public displays of affection and 2) This article was on Yahoo! News today - Do you need a Social Media Diet too? Click here to find out!
PSS. There as been a West Nile outbreak in certain parts of the country this week. Its mostly been in Texas, but cases have also popped up in Brooklyn. DJ told me last night they are also spraying "the other side of town" in Metuchen. Our town is only 3 square miles so I don't find that very comforting. As of today, there have been 1,118 cases across 38 states resulting in 41 deaths. Be wary!

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