Friday, July 6, 2012

Ode to my Knees

I bet you thought when that line turned blue
that my running days were through,
but alas, my friends,  it was a tease
and there was no rest for you, my Knees.

First trimester, you got lucky
as morning sickness made things yucky
but as the pregnancy progressed,
the running waters, I would test.

We started slow, 11 miles per hour
when I felt a kick of power
We upped the speed just some clicks
And from 5.5, we went to 6.

Of course you felt it, I gained weight
and from 118 and I hit 128
And just as you were feeling the hits,
I went and Googled the benefits.

Running helps me maintain
the weight by body needs to gain
but most importantly during baby creation,
running helps with constipation.

The cardio increases blood flow,
and makes babies smarter, studies show.
It helps with posture and varicose veins,
and greatly reduces other aches and pains.

"You bitch!" you shout as we hit the road,
carrying my extra load
but to you I say, we must move on
because the pros outweigh the cons.

And when we're home and you've been nice
I'll treat you to a pack of ice,
a hamstring stretch, a flex, a bend
to help you get back on the mend.

Clearly as we grow in size,
I'll also get flack from my Thighs
and my Calves, my Neck, my Back,
and then my sneakers, away we'll pack

and limit things to the elliptical
where I'll be forced to fulfill
the happiness that is a run
through the town and in the sun.

But! Come November, minus child
when a day is warm and mild
we'll lace up the Ascis and enjoy the breeze,
On the road with my favorite Knees.

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