Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally excited!

Ok so admittedly my last post was selfish, depressing, and just a downer overall BUT at 13 weeks-ish, I can finally say I am getting excited and it was sparked by a little help from a friend.

Slowly but surely I am eeking myself out of the prenatal closet. I recently had my 12 week check up and Petrie is starting to look more like a baby and less like a speck. I could see his/her little legs and arms flailing in the lasted ultrasound and I am hoping he/she is atheltic or smart since we will need one or both in order to enroll him/her in college.

I will officially be out and about after we get the results from the "down syndrome test" (I don't remember the official name) but the nurse seemed to think we are on safe ground in that area. I did add someone else to the list of people in the know tonight and that was my friend, Hannah and her husband Brett - and what a breath of fresh air it was.

Hannah was the first person I told who understood my frustrations with weight gain, working out (or lack there of), the different person you see in the mirror, and everything else that made me sad in my last post. She gave me advice and tips that I was happy to hear and that made me feel less vain and more...reasonable. Its funny because before my visit, DJ had said "I bet Hannah will get you" and he was absolutely right. I am in that stage between showing and not-showing and she agreed its a tricky spot to be in. Your clothes still fit, but you can feel self conscious. You see a change where others do not - or maybe they are just being polite. You are working out less and eating more. And as much as you know there is a miracle developing inside you, unlike a second helping of pasta - it can be difficult to swallow (bad joke). All in all, I left feeling refreshed and much more sane. Thank goodness.

We talked about how a five mile run used to be nothing and a great way to destress, but now gym days can be frustrating and those long runs we took for granted are now sad little trots on the treadmill. This morning I made it about three miles and a decent little pace and saw it as a victory. It made me laugh since once upon a time only running three miles was a bad day at the gym.

Anyway, my last post ended with me feeling lonely but now - that is definitely not the case.

Thank you Hannah!

Petrie reclining :)

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