Monday, March 26, 2012

Ode to Morning Sickness

Whoever named this crap is full of just lies
because it comes on all day,
not just at sunrise

It starts in the stomach, icky and sour
and the feeling progresses
hour by hour.

Foods you once liked are now appalling
and at mealtimes
you find yourself stalling

since nothing looks good, nothing will settle
and since your current state's tolerable,
you'd rather not meddle. 

You focus on ginger - root, chews, and ale
because at the site of chicken
your face just turns pale.

Saltines are a staple. Anything bland.
Plain oatmeal, plain Cheerios,
hell - you'd even take sand. 

Your husband's supportive as he chows on pork
while you poke it and prod it
with the tongs of your fork. 

If you're me, you don't puke. It's just the feeling
that any aroma
sends your stomach reeling. 

How many dates 'til the trimester ends?
And then meat, yogurt, and I
can start being friends.

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