Thursday, March 1, 2012

Identity Crisis

So I guess the stress got to me and I accidentally confused my Saints through out this blog. Back in December I introduced you to St. Gerard, the patron saint of expectant mothers and fertility. Last night my mom called to tell me I had accidentally switched my saint names and began referring to Gerard as Jerome. Ironically St. Jerome is the "Doctor of the Church". The articles were a little confusing so I'm not exactly sure what kind of doctor he was, but for argument sake we can say these two men worked together in making me pregnant.

Originally I was going to end this post on that thought, but then I started thinking that I may be in the midst of an identity crisis myself. I am not going by any other names, but the early months - where pregnancy is still a secret - I find myself going back and forth between the old me and the new me. For example, the other day I had to stay late at work and the team was going to order Italian food. I was told to stay away from "soft cheeses" and wasn't sure if mozzarella counted so when I was looking over the menu, I found myself pretty limited. Similarly, tonight I was eating at Applebees and the bar tender offered me a drink, on the house. Normally I would dive at the chance for anything free, but I had to decline. Since I will never see her again, I told her I was pregnant but in another situation - where I am with friends out of "the know", it might be weird. I had used the "I'm on antibiotics" gig in the past but I can only be on meds for so long.

Anyway, I just found it kind of odd bouncing back and forth between the two versions of myself.

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