Thursday, February 9, 2012

You down with HCG? Yea, you know me

Last night was my first official butt shot - HCG.
Once the follicles are big enough for retrieval, you take this shot to mature the follicles and get them ready for "extraction" (as Gina so eloquently put it).

My call from "Charlie" had a lot of details. So many that I listened to the voicemail three times, took notes, and then had DJ listen to it and check my notes.
The shot needs to be administered 36 hours prior to the retrieval so we had to give the shot at midnight. Because we had taken the medication class several weeks ago, we forgot the deal so we went to the IRMS website and watched the educational video. I kind of wish I didn't watch it with DJ because the way the nurse jabs the patient with the need during the "injection" clip is a little unsettling.

Because DJ and I are losers, we went to bed at 10pm and set our alarms for 11:50pm for the shot.
Jumping into medical action, DJ prepared everything while I paced and rubbed my butt muscle with an alcohol swab. I was nervous, but despite the awkwardness of the shot itself, it really wasn't that bad. It was quick and I guess it worked.

Today I went in for my 5th consecutive day of blood work and ultrasound. My veins are starting to look like that of a junkie. No wonder crackheads have to look to other parts of the anatomy for their highs.

Tomorrow, assuming my follicles matured properly, we have the retrieval. My appointment is at 11:00am but I have to get their an hour early for pre-op stuff. I don't know much else other than I can't eat tonight after midnight and have to fast prior to the procedure. Depending on how I feel, I for see chocolate chip pancakes as my post retrieval meal.

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