Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where do Babies come From?

When a man and a woman love each other very, very much....
They go to the hospital and Mommy has eggs retrieved from her ovaries and three days later a fertilized embryo is placed back in her uterus. Hopefully this leads to a baby!

Yesterday was my transfer. I was so nervous!
This website has a cool video of what actually happens: http://www.advancedfertility.com/embryotransfer.htm
My favorite part is the narrator saying "that should do the trick" at the end.
Your bladder has to be full for the procedure, so I am sitting in the waiting room for over an hour about to burst! I had a "Day 3 Embryo Transfer" with means it is performed 72 hours after egg retrieval (Brilliant!). Sometimes if there is concern about the development of your eggs, you will wait for Day 5. This is called Blastocyst transfer. Some fertility specialists prefer doing blastocyst transfers because it is easier to choose a healthy embryo for transfer at this stage.
The best embryo candidates for transfer are between 6 and 8 cells and I was lucky enough to have a "beautiful" 8 cell embryo to transfer. They even give you a picture of the little guy to take home. I am still on the fence as to whether I like this idea or not. Even though it is just a small cluster of cells, it evokes a lot of emotion and you have to remain positive but cautious.

The procedure itself is very quick. It's only uncomfortable because I was still bloated from the retrieval and I had to pee, but once it gets started its amazingly quick! and you are surrounded by such wonderful and positive ladies, if it weren't for the stirrups, it could be described as enjoyable.

You also get an embryo report card.
Of the 20 cells that were retrieved, 18 were fertilized, and 8 lived until Day 3. We will get a call tomorrow to see how many of the remaining 7 live until Day 5. Those are the embryos that can be frozen for future pregnancies.
If, for some reason, none of those 7 are transferable and I need IVF for another baby - we would have to start the process all over again. But we aren't even going to think about that!
I'm not on bed rest but I am on "limited activity rest". Today grocery shopping was the highlight of my day since I got to walk around a little and get out of the house.
Its small, but that's an 8-cell embryo

This Friday I will go back for blood work and an ultrasound and then the following week I take a pregnancy test. Longest.Ten Days. Ever.

PS. Progesterone shots suck!

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