Monday, February 6, 2012

No Room at the Inn

My ovaries are getting crowded!
I wanted to open this post with the size of the average womens' egg during ovulation as compared to those that aren't ovulating that month, but my Googling wasn't working out as planned. I did learn when an egg is ready, it is usually between 16 and 22mm - the bigger the better. I am thinking there is usually one egg that is ready to go and that is the one that ovulates, while the others stay behind to grow.

In comparison (I think), I am preparing as many as possible for ovulation as opposed to normal person's one. For this reason, I feel like a bloated fat mess with cramps and a constant need to pee.
For example, yesterday I spent much of the afternoon in sweatpants with a heading pad on my stomach because that's what people do when they are crampy - they warm it up.
En route to a Super Bowl Party in a Delaware, there is a short piece of highway where there are rumble strips, speed bumps, or just stupid uneven road every 10 feet of so. This becomes a huge pain (literally) as every time the car bumped, it was like a punch to the gut. Once we got to the party, and I decided to eat my face off, my stomach ballooned out to such a degree I was mortified even though I was the only one who knew how immense it was.
This morning when I woke up, it had deflated but I still feel like I am weighing in at about 180lbs - but the incessant amount of bacon rolled tater tots from last night probably didn't help.
Anyway, I digress....

I went in this morning for my blood work and ultra sound and learned I have about 12 and 7 follicles "ripening" and waiting for retrieval. This is very exciting because I have seen other blogs, posts, and readings where women only have one or two. I don't know how many of these guys will be around retrieval day either but I am optimistic that everyone will stick around.

As I said, for retrieval, follicles should be between 18 and 20mm for best results. Today they ranged between 10 and 12mm. I think they grow one or two millimeters per day so its looking like next week will be go-time. This is also great news but I can only imagine the tight fit it will be as everyone gets bigger.
20mm follicles - so crowded
(I tried to find a 12mm for comparison but had no luck)

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