Sunday, February 26, 2012

IVF leads to Bun in the Oven!

Friday was the last day of my two week wait so I went in for blood work at 7:00am to see if I was pregnant. At 12:19 I got the call and I felt like I breathed for the first time since November.

It was positive!
Thank god!

Now I know this is just the first hurdle in a series of hurdles and I still have to keep mum for the most part until May, but what I relief! Of course I called my mom right away and then Gina, one of the few friends who has been in the loop and absolutely fabulous throughout this entire debacle. Others in-the-know got texts and sent congratulatory responses, but it is still a small group for obvious reasons.

After all of this I realized I didn't ask any of the appropriate questions one should ask after receiving such news, so I had to call Jen back and get the rest of the important information. Apparently this happens all the time so she was ready for my call back.

I go back tomorrow morning for blood work and continue the progesterone shots (woot! woot!) until further notice. According to the calendar we were given in Medication Class, shots last 25 days from the retrieval date. This said, March 6th could be my last day of shots. Fingers crossed.

I still wear St. Jerome for good measure and, even though I got the okay to go to the gym, I am keeping things light because I'm paranoid. It's not too much of a challenge though since I am, or at least I feel, super out of shape so after 35 minutes on the stationary bike I am embarrassingly tired.

Either way, YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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