Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome back old friend!

*Warning: This post contains nasty period talk. Readers beware*

So this weekend I was in Boston for our National Information Seminar. I had taken by last birth control pill Wednesday morning and had been/will be taking Lupron shots only until the 30th (when we will add Follistim and Menopur). Around 11:00pm I felt this odd cramping sensation. Thinking it was gas, I went to the bathroom only to discover the familiar face of Aunt Flo.

Well, welcome back dear friend!

Even though I was told I might get my period after I wrapped up the pill, since the added estrogen had been keeping things moving along all these years prior, I was still shocked and panicked at the scene on my toilet paper.
Should I call the doctor? Do I have a tampon? Do I remember how to put in a tampon? Is this, in fact, my period or something.....well something more disgusting.
I decided to call DJ and share with his this incredible news and it may have been the first and only time he responded with "oh that's good!" to period talk. I also frantically emailed Dr. K and Jennifer, our nurse, to make sure I didn't mess up my drug regiment (which I later learned I hadn't).

Because I am a fool, I neglected to be prepared this particular event at this particular hotel at this particular time.
Long, gross story short - I had to get a little creative when it came to sanitary engineering.

The presentation the following day moved forward without a hitch but I had to take my evening Lurpon shot somewhere before catching the 6:40pm train home. I had already checked out of my hotel room and I couldn't very well ask my coworkers to excuse me while I injected myself in the hotel lobby.
If this was Intervention, this would be the scene where the addict hits rock bottom.

Cleverly, I had packed all my needles and drugs in a Tupperware for transportation and planned on changing out of my business attire before getting on the train so I stealthily (is that a word?) wheeled my rolley suit case into the bathroom stall at the Marriott Boston Long Wharf.
Laying my tools out neatly on my lap and laughing at the ridiculousness of the scene, I proceeded to clean my belly with alcohol, prepare my syringe, and JUST as I am about to do the deed another person has to pee and enters the bathroom. (How dare she!) Of course she chooses the stall right next to me and I swear she knows what I'm up to. I am also convinced she can hear me so I freeze and wait for her to leave.
I'm so weird.
Anyway, I give myself the shot, pack everything up neatly, and head out of the stall like a normal human being. I know I wasn't snorting crack along the toilet seat but something still felt very 80's yuppie about the whole scene.

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