Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Heads

Hi Sports Fans!

So I am back from Dublin and aside from gaining about 10 pounds between the pints and the fact that they put bacon on everything, I am happy to report things are still moving forward in my reproductive world.

Wednesday the 28th we went for a second opinion with Dr. M at RMA. Interestingly enough she and her practice were featured in Inside New Jersey - so I felt as though we were in equally good hands as we are/were at IRMS. She too agreed with Dr. K's diagnosis and that I was a great IVF candidate, but she thought I should try IUI first since it is less invasive.
At first I was inclined to agree but after speaking with her further, I learned that because communication between my period and my brain is the only problem - I would probably drop several eggs at once and there is the chance all of these eggs could be fertilized. If it was one or two, we would still be able to move forward with the pregnancy but if it was 3 or more, she said the cycle would be terminated and we would have to try again. Aside from being financially draining, I don't think I would be able to handle it emotionally. Imagine being told you're finally pregnant after all of this drama BUT you are actually too pregnant and we have to start all over again. I'm already emotionally exhausted.

When she did an ultrasound and checked out my ovaries, she had the same positive response as Dr. K and said I was an "ideal candidate" for the procedure. She also counted the eggs that were currently hanging out in my ovaries. She said there were 26 on the right and 13 on the left. I did a little googling and this seemed to be a very high amount, so I'm wondering if I misheard but I did ask twice. Again, this is another good sign. This means when the doctors go in, they have a lot of little guys to take, fertilize, and leave in petry dishes.

At the end of the appointment, DJ and I decided to stay with IRMS for the rest of the process. We have a good rapport with Dr. K and I felt more comfortable with her overall. Nothing against the people at RMA. So the good news was that both physicians said the same thing and both come from reputable practices. The bad news is that there isn't a magic drug that is cheaper and less stressful to bring my period back that will work instead.

Either way, I have a good feeling about all of this!

Tomorrow I go for more blood work (shocking, I know) and another ultrasound before going on the first stage of medications - birth control (oh, the irony).

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