Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It’s hard to make pretty something as crass
as going to school to get shots in your ass.

Tomorrow we’ll travel to Northern N-J
and with six other couples we’ll learn the way

to prep Menopur and Lupron into syringes
and get over the pinches, the soreness, the cringes.

Lupron stimulates hormones, triggers eggs for retrieval
but in the form of a pill it’d be much less medieval.

Menopur gets the follicles all energized
to be claimed by the doctors and then fertilized.

Each medicine’s different, one muscular, one subcutaneous -
one’s in your belly, the other next to your a-neous.

They say practice on oranges and other fruits
before taking aim at your own caboose.

I know I won’t like it (even flu shots I fear)
because who the hell wants a shot in their rear.

The articles, the doctors, say its only two weeks
of getting injections into your cheeks,

but how can you get used to something as uncanny
like twice daily injections into your fanny.

But at the end of the day, whats a sore derriere
when you're trying to get a baby in there.

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