Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love you, I hate you Medical Insurance

First I would like to start with a disclaimer: I'm not really editting this, so there is a very good chance you will find typos and misspellings. If I ever decide to write a memoir, I can assure you those will be taken care of but for now, we are in "stream of consciousness" mode

This morning was spent on the phone discussing financing IVF. It started with a call to IRMS to discuss the cost of various items from the medications I will have to take, the cost of treatment itself, and the transfer costs (the big day when fertilized egg meets awaiting uterus). Needless to say, none of this is cheap.

After speaking with Susan in Finance, I called Compassionate Care. Apparently they have a website that I haven't looked at yet, but they help those of us who do not have insurance coverage for IVF. In my case, they can provide me with one cycle of medication for free. Medication costs can be up to $5000!! I submitted my contact and initial information and from there I will be reviewed for eligibility. I am uncertain if this program is like undergraduate college financial aid where you have to live in a cardboard box with 20 siblings in order to qualify OR if they are more open minded to assist people like me. More details to follow with that. The nurse, Jen, at IRMS also mentioned they receive samples from pharmaceutical companies for patients. Now that she knows we are "IVF ready", she will keep an eye out. In these cases, every little bit helps.

Then I called my financial advisor - and by my, I mean my dad's - to see if I could borrow some money from investments to cover costs. The short answer is yes but the annoying answers is taxes. He recommended putting money into my Flex Spending Account. I would be able to put money in here directly and pull it out to cover medical costs as needed. Good plan IF Open Enrollment for DeVry didn't end November 18th.

Now to call DeVry Human Resources and ADP and see if I can get that added. Their answer was yes or no depending on my appeal. DJ and I had to write an appeal letter stating who we were and why we needed to add Flex Spending to our coverage. If our appeal is granted, life will be good. If not - life will still be good, just a little taxed. We faxed that letter in today and should know more by the end of the month.
(*UPDATE*  we found out we were approved to add the Flex Spending in January which was obviously too late for us. Thanks a lot HR!)

Not that any of this is glamorous, but I would say this is the least glamorous. At least getting ink in your chatchki is unique and makes for a good story, but no one is ever pumped when talking about money (unless you are on the receiving end). From start to finish, this was about 2 hours on phone calls and about 30 times of shouting "representative" into the automated answering service.

After all these calls, I had to rush myself together and get ready for work. When walking down the hall, I felt "uneven" and upon looking at my feet I realized I was wearing a black boot and a brown boot to work. Fortunately I was in good company at the time and my friend and I had a great laugh over it. After the morning I had, it was almost what a needed. Oh life.

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