Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting my Head Checked

Ok I know this seems to be like a lot of posts for one day and I don't want to seem emo or anything, but if someone has questions, I want to be the best resource I can be.

So during our consultations on the 29th with Dr. K, she asked about headaches and stress. I was tempted to say "oh course I'm stressed! I want to get knocked up and don't have a period" but I refrained. One cause of a missing period is a tumor or something of that nature pressing on my pituitary gland and messing up my signals.

I was given a prescription for an MRI and went today. I had to get a little IV, as they wanted to look at things with and without contrast (aka ink). I'm not claustrophobic and actually dosed off a few times in the little tube. I must have been beat since the machine is not quiet.

I'm taking a pottery/ceramics class tonight. I found keeping busy is better for my mental health. I have also nixed facebook since pictures of friends standing sideways with baby bumps makes me want to barf.

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