Thursday, December 8, 2011

DJ at the Bat

For this post, since its not so much about me, I took a little artistic license. This is not exactly how today occured, but you can pretty much get the idea

DJ at the Bat
(to be read like Casey at the Bat and if you dont know what Casey at the Bat is, read this first:

The temperature was chilly on that December day
Our checklist near complete, just two more rounds to play
Elizabeth had been inked and poked inside the ring
Now it was DJ’s turn to do his manly thing

Abstinence was the game, days one through four
to ensure his little soldiers would be beating at the door
The appointment made was early, he better bring his game
He’d seen his wife step up, now he’d have to do the same

He walked into the lobby, checked in, gave ID
He felt a little awkward, hoped do one else would see
him twiddling his thumbs, smiling as he sat
This was DJ’s moment – DJ at the bat.

Led in to a room, heard the door knob click and turn
but knew this was no match for Mutant Ninja Sperm
For the sake of privacy, we won’t detail what occurred,
but it wasn’t too long after from the room he stirred

He felt eyes were on him but he exited with grace,
and felt himself applauded as he strode across the place.
He held his sample closely, hidden against his hip 
But defiance gleamed in DJ's eye, a grin curled DJ's lip.

There was ease in DJs manner as he stepped into his place;
There was pride in DJ's bearing and a smile on DJ's face.
And when, responding to the nurse that looked at him quite shady
He shrugged and said “It’s been a week and I haven’t touched my lady”

Ten million little DJ’s were passed in a jar across her desk
and she thanked him kindly and explained their office would do the rest
And as he left, he heard people laughing, cars drove by and children shout,
he had done his work and done it well and now DJ was peacin’ out.

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